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01 07

Hello !

I'm a Product Manager junior & Product Designer at Toulouse, France.
I love eating pizzas and listening to rock music like Ninja Turtles and running with my Alaskan Malamute in the forest like Princess Mononoke. 🤘
My super power ? Mix web development skills and graphic design skills.

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  • Romain Cointet

    30 y.o — 10 years of Exp.
  • Main skills

    User interface, User Experience
  • Design

    Origami Studio
  • Web development

    Front-end & back-end
    PHP, HTML5, CSS3
    ReactJS, VueJS


2019 - Today
Product Manager junior and Product Designer for a 360 digital branding agency with 3 web developers.

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  • Product Manager jr

    and Product Owner
  • Product Designer

    UX / UI
    Invision / Studio
  • Product Owner



2016 - today
A website and a mobile app to find your perfect roomates and the perfect appartment sharing.

  • Design Officer

    I made Web App and Mobile App interfaces
  • Front-end developer

    Bring help and my knowledges


2014 - 2017
A french neo bank (ex Payname) that died by the investor... 🥀

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  • Ui Designer

    I made Web App interfaces
  • Front-end developer

    Work hard with back-end developers and the marketing team.
  • Integrator

    I started in an intership for an integrator job. 👨‍🎓
  • Graphic Designer

    For internal events like Counter Strike LAN. 💥


2018 - 2019
A personal project, a mobile app to find your friends in a music festival. In progress...

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  • Design Officer

    Wireframes, templates, prototypes
  • Fullstack Developer

    Ionic, AngularJS, TypeScript, NodeJS
  • Brain Breaker

    Insomnia, crazy ideas, ...


2015 - 2017
Some project for a 360 digital branding agency.

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  • Front-end Developer

    Javascript, Scss
  • Back-end Developer

  • Integrator

    HTML5, CSS3, Jquery


BuyBox :PHP Back-end, API
LaCréa Multimédia : AS3, Flash, Wordpress, JQuery, After Effets
Akadom : PHP Front-end, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Webdesign
Corporate Stays : Photoshop, Webdesign
Light'On Consulting : PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, Photoshop, Illustrator
Sogeti : Python, PyQT

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  • Shaman of web

    I can transform the design into code
  • Father of Malamutes

    Malaris ! 🔥
  • Grove's guardian

    Respect the nature
  • Lone wolf

    In my cave
  • Headbanger

    At work or at a rock concert
  • "No Php without Cointet!"

    Teacher's quote


+33 767 523 648